last night i stood on a wasp

last night I stood on a wasp. I believe I was in control of my facultites and sensability at the time of the incident.

I wasn’t wearing shoes though.


thankfully it was a wasp that was dead already, and I didn’t also have to kill the wasp for the injustice of sticking it’s sting into me, it was in a state of wasp rigor mortis at the time.

It hung from my foot for a while. I pulled it out. but it left the sting which Helen had to remove with tweezers. It was very sore. Helen advised that I pour vinegar on it. so I did.

To some degree it did work. The TCP that was sprayed on it earlied did prevent the vinegar being as effective as it could have been but hey.

The worrying thing is that tonight about 8 o clock my foot started tingling where the dead bee stung me.

updates tomorrow.

today I bought

3 books.

helen bought

1 book

16 aida

12 strings.

and a good day was had by all.