In the Uk the three main political parties are having conferences or love in’s as i perfer to call them. this has given rise to a national discussion for what makes a good leader.

For the Liberal democrats whose conference was last week. the discussion seemed to be about was their leader the right man for them as they did beeter than ever at the last election but not as well as they could have.

For Labour. Prime minster Tony Blair has siad he will retire in the next 4 years. Chancellor Gorden Brown is expected to be become the next leader of the party and as such the next prime minster. but is he the right leader?

For the Conservatives. Micheal Howard is going soon, The conference next week is expected to be a beauty contest between all the contenders to try and win votes in the upcoming election but who is the best leader.

At College I did a module in learship. it centred around one core text. Leighton Ford’s Tranforming Leadership. The book basically calims the transofrmational model of leadership is clearly the model of leadership we see Jesus thdemonstrate therefore we should model our way of leading upon this model.

I recently after reading John Howard Yoder‘s The Politics Of Jesus and i am not so sure I agree with Mr Ford on two counts. If Jesus wanted us to do leadership as Jesus did, wohen he sent out the 70 why did he sent them in two’s? perhaps i misread him but it does seem strange he didn’t tell people to follow his cell format. Secondly if this model was to be adopted by us why did the early church not adopt it? The people who knew ans studied christ first hand didn’t use the model of doing exactly what jesus did. So where does this lead us.

Leaderships is tricky and yes I think we can learn lessons from jesus but i would try and avoid reading into jesus a model we want to promote.

Chancellor Gordon Brown was compared to an old fashioned preacher yesterday with people today claiming he wasn’t charasmatic enough or good enough on the TV.
His leadership was rated in terms of a part of his personality and how good he would look on TV.

I do wonder how Jesus would have come across on TV?

Perhaps leadership is more to do with getting lots of people to like you. Perhaps popularity or however you judge your political system should just be on a issue basis not a personality basis.

But if this happened what would the newspapers, 24hr TV news channels and Talk radio be full of?

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