mp3 blogs

dubious legally?

I dunno
I think the ones where you download like a couple of songs as a kind of sampler are okay, but I do feel bad about the ones where you can downlaod the entire albums.
I am pretty sure that they are legally dodgy.

But is that my look out?

If I put somehting on the internet I guess I am pretty sure thats someone somewhere is better than me and could technically hack me and take the stuff. As it is I put up my stuff with no protection, (really who would want my stuff), and ask people to respect me and my work.

Mp3 blogs. I suppose that the only thing in my favor is that research has recently shown that people who download from the net illegally actually spend more money on music than any other group.

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2 thoughts on “mp3 blogs

  1. Historically, you would lend a CD to your mates, your family etc. If you and the Mrs like something, you would share, rather than buy 2 copies.

    Is this just the same, but lending to a whole global gang of mates?

    I’ve bought many CDs off the back of hearing a song or 2 off a blog.

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