I use Foobar 2000 to listen to my music. (It has the best sound quality playback witrhout being to fancy about it all infact you probably can’t hear the difference but I snobbishly believe I can hear the difference. anyway)

I always put my collection in random play unless I need a fix of specific album. This every so often throws up unexpected pleasures and delights. recently it has hit burce Cockburn’s “When You give it away” twice. what an awesome song it is. Also I had some Bon Jovi this morning. nice.

My intention is to back up all the CD’s I have onto a seperate hard disk and keep on randomly listen to it all the time all over the house. Hmmm perhaps I better confirm this with my wife before i plan to much.

Just a minutes ago it flipped to the live version of B.D.P. by over the rhine. i was paralysed by the beauty of it, inspired, encouraged and generally my spirit lifted.

God is Good.