Recently rich, my friend over the worldwide webbie has joined the Social Networking tool
My space has prompted a lot of press and a lot of thought about the place of Internet and how people use said interwww. Perhaps the thing that fro me raised the biggest eyebrows was when News Corps Big Billions of Dollars to buy from it’s founders.

News Corp is a big conglomerate. It owns lots of Media outlets all over the world. The company owns the Sun, the Time and Sky Television is the UK, also the Fox network and New York Post in the USA.
Most of these outlets reflect editorially he personal political view of News Cores Chairman, Rupert Murdoch. The influence it carries is immeasurable, but important. The Sun even claiming it had decisively swung the British vote changing the government from Conservative to Labour in 1996. So why does he want

I am suspicious.

Why does he want this social networking tool? I guess he has a way of making money from it like advertising. Or does he. Let me suggest he doesn’t want to make money. What he wants is people’s thoughts, opinions, and intelligence.

He wants people.

Social networking is the new way to meet friends and discuss things, your favourite music, your favourite stuff, your blog, your photo’s in short it is you. And guess what. Rupert owns you.
I guess being Post-modern, whatever that means, I am naturally quite cynical and suspicious of the motives of big business. Myspace has gone from being user driven social networking tool to large conglomerate owned market research tool?
The problem as I see it is that as a user you have already bought into the concept of a social networking tool. You have investment and commitment to the brand and mission. After it is bought over you are left with the question to I write off my investment and commitment? Or do I take a deep breath, hope nothing changes and go about my business as normal.

The cynic in me says run.
The adult in my says consistency is good and necessary in the world of change which is the Interweb and life.

As for me, I think I will leave if only for the reason I have a hard enough time keeping up with my friends in real life without virtual friends getting annoyed because I never return e-mails etc.