New year, new things

I have decided to list all then things I buy on the blog.

The rules.

1. Anything counts

2. Except some things. (boring mundane things.)

the main aim is to look back late December 2005 and see what I purchased and when!

n.b. this is for my own satisfaction and not yours.

since January 2005

2 pairs of jeans

one mecco jeans – TK Maxx – £16.99

one dickies jeans – TK Maxx – £16.99

(nb I bought three pairs of jeans but an taking one pair back because I don’t like them!)

2 books

The christian year (Calendar, lectionary and collects) – Cornerstone Glasgow – £7.50

Gospel Exploded – Cornerstone Glasgow – £3


The Best of Sixpence None The Richer – eBay – £5.02 including delivery (from US)

I think that’s it so far.