No Go Britain 2

Wisdom is needed at this point.

I was In this Program. I was the arm that shook hands from the left hand side of your screen. (This adds to me Back of head shot earlier this year. I am deliberately trying to make my 15 minutes last as long as possibls by only being in shot for 10 seconds at a time!!)

Basically the program was a big shoddy. he youth work people in easterhouse are not very happy about how ethical the program was and in particular the ethics of the film crews involved.

a couple of weeks ago the BBC had three crews in easterhouse, the sun and the daily record were after people for comment. Plus there were allegations of young people being paid by journalists to fight for filming. (I don’t know much about this or who was involved.)

I just though the program didn’t really have a point. It was called no Go britain but he went there. So he did go, and he came back so is it no go? Or is it no go because he felt he felt insecure in his temporay situation.

I fact i thought it was just a bad program at best. At worst it was lazy Journalism. It didn’t make a point. and parts of it looked very staged. At one point he walked slowly towards the car with his other guy behind him. He had shoulded at a group of drunk boys who had just been in a fight, He expected that he could get retional discourse out the guys. They shoulded back some form of greeting. Then he shoulded back at them, they shouted more, then he turned and walked to the car. “The voice over said, “now I am being chased by a gang of boys to the car”.

No he was walking slowly. and some boys he had annoyed were shouting and probably throwing stuff at him. (surprising and disgracful behaviour. grown men should be able to walk towards a drunken group of older boys late at night after a fight (of sorts), shout things, engage in rational discourse, and secretly film it, without fear of being told “F*** Your BBC”

so what was the point of the program.

Yes there are some areas you don’t go to so there is a No go britain.

Someone get on the phone to columbo. this boy’s solved it.

I think i was unimpressed.