NT Wright On The Tsunami

The Bible itself resists such treatment. It constantly acknowledges evil – “human” and “natural” alike – as a terrible reality. It doesn’t try to minimise it, to explain that good will come of it, or to blame someone (reactions which correspond uncomfortably closely to the excuses offered by immoral or warmongering politicians). It tells a story about the Creator’s plan to put the world to rights, a plan which involves a people who are themselves part of the problem as well as the bearers of the solution.

Meanings of Christmas: In the new world there will be no more sea

Does God have a responsibility to stop earthquakes and tidal waves? The story of Jesus raises much subtler questions

Tom Wright

01 January 2005

NT Wright on the Tsunami

I love his writing and think he is one of the top writers/commentators the church in general has to offer currently. I am halfway through this article when this passage grabbed me. I think i agree with him as well.