put a washing on

turned the washing thats hanging

emptied the bins

going to the gym

packed lunch and diner

Got a thumping headache

everything is done to impress helen when she comes home.

(Helen is in Norway for two days for work)

Just One Issue that is on my mind?

where do you buy underpants in Glasgow?

I would normally go for M&S but after watching John McCriddick in his Pants in the big brother house I am not so sure of them.

the other route is the brand name routs. TK Maxx are selling CK pants at £6.99.

To Me thats a very expensive pant.

I suppose it is a sign of getting old that i now buy my own pants but still.

and how come girls get langerie while men get pants.

And how come girls get shops like La Senza in every big shopping centre while men get, well what do men get?

pants that all