read book two

Also during paternity I got the chnace to finish the book, “The Men Who Stare at Goats” by Jon Ronson

The book is a page turned for all the wrong reasons.
reason one
It has the ring of truth about it. I mean some of the stuff does sound far fetched Like the First Earth Battallion, but I do believe this is a mostly true and substantiated story. This kind of feeling at the bottom of your tummy saying “this can’t be true but it does have that ring of truth about it.” really makes for a compelling read.
reason two.
The facts are amazing if not sickening. The stuff specifically later in the book where he deals alot more with the current Iraq and guantamano bay really makes you feel sick that the country you live in is doing nothing about this stuff going on.
(pen more mightier than the sword?)
reason three
The story is so bizzarre. it is unbelieveable in places, yet as the book progresses the story becomes even more tangled and weaved until the patern comes out and this almost restart themselves.

The book is great read and the writing style is accessable to all. The story is addictive, bizzarre and above all else, gripping. This is a great book for an afternoon reading lazily.

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