Re:Union [CA1]

Today i have been boistered by thoughts of the reunion weekd ar Carberry.
About 20-40 young people from the festival turn up for a weekend of fun and frolics at Carberry. generally we are the only group staying there so it is quite a good laugh as well.

Louise McPake
Sarah Brown
my wife, child and myself leading the weekend up.

theme wise we are going to be looking at Christ-Anarchy.

Other highlights will include
-late night games
-late night calming
-an afternoon of relaxation.
Perhaps even if we can persuade someone to come a live band on the saturday evening. but that is no where near sorted enough.

anyway it should be awesome to be in a tranquil place with trees.

the weekend is 25-27th Novemeber 2005 at carberry.
(at the end of week long holiday for me. Woo Hoo.)