Rockin’ The Ipod – October Mix

The october mix is up to see.

the ones I would draw your attention to are as follows

1. Sixpence None the RIcher Divine Discontent
I love this ablum. Their Last albumn, has four unbelieveably good songs especially a million parachutes. Even a slightly dodgy Crowded House cover counld stop me loving it. Incidently The Gym I goes to plays the Sixpence slightly dodgy crowded house cover around 11am in the changing rooms!
(If you are unsure about this album. Wesley Owen in Glasgow is selling a copy at 99p. got to be worth a pound)

2.Cush -New SOund
Okay I like Mike Rowe’s Voice. I think he is a great Rock Vocalist. I also Like the Prayer chain. They have put out some of my Favourite music. This meeting of minds has perduced a Cd in the top 5 of all the CD’s I own. It is awesome.
If you get a chance ge this album. It is sheer goodness.