Saturday morning

saturday morning was spent going round the antiques warehouse at yorkhill quay in Glasgow. it was a good time with my brother and father in law. I enjoyed threir company and my Father In Laws knowledge ofthe usless and the bizarre was in high demand. (chest of drawerswith hidden Kilt drawers. (, like WTF?.

Particualerly good was the stock of the Flying dutchman . The Dutchman seems to have continental stock. using different woods and finished to the UK and Far east market.

very good

Also impresive wassamsons joinery The range was good with antique and original items. I particualtly liked the CD cases. (well of course i would.) they were tall and blended in well. thus hiding the mass of cd’s you could own. good idea I could be in the market for two of them. depneidng on how much they cost of course.

Later we headed to Glasgow Architectural Salvage. What a place. everythign old and in bits with an amazing selection of doors and stained glass and raidiators.

I metally decided to buy old radiators for our next house. I am firmly of the belie that helen will sit on the radiators If i get ones she can sit on. so sit on them she must.

anyway we ended up at Frankie & Benny’s for lunch and a good time was had by all

thanks to those involved.

please note. if you intend going to either of this shops/warehouses take warm clothing. they can be very cold.