Shaken and Stirred [2]

I was reading my book last night in bed. a good thing to do. it makes you sleepy.

The author was talking about globalisations. To demonstrate he divided all the jobs in the world into two basic types, Knowledge Jobs and Manual Jobs. Too simplified but go with it. He made the point that if there was 80 knowledge workers in the USA, if they sign a free trade agreement with china, and say china has 80 knowledge workers. their would then be 160 knowledge workers. His basic point is that knowledge jobs are always developing because knowledge is incomplete. You may have some skills in some areas. but their is the opportunity to develop knowledge and skillsets, to specialise and diversify where opportunity exists.

I think for me the experience of the last couple of weeks has refocused me to the mindset of a learner. The realisation that I need to continue learning and being willing to develop my knowledge and specialisms. But I also need to contiue with the learning which developed me for the three years I was a professional learner. regular Reflections and constant reading and thinking are required If I am going to keep my head above water.


I never live with balance,
although I like the notion


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  1. sorry?

    I am being stupid but I don’t understand.
    dream s-e-x=y woman?

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