Smoking cesassion

For the Last two weeks I have been Going through a course Of Smkoing Cessassion training. The course is aimed at resourcing organisations to suppurt young people if they wish to stop smoking.

week one was mostly facts and figures, Rebecca from Smoking concern did most of the week and was very good. The second week was more practical in terms of working out how to actually put all this into practice.

Week one was better from week two. The group was facilitated better I think.

I just got blown away by some of the stats and figures being banded about. Cigarettes have more that 4000 poisons in them. Nicotine isn’t bad necessaryily but is addictive. It takes 7 seconds for a cigarette to take effect nicotene wise but it takes 1hour for nicotene patches to have the same effect.

I tired smoking once. It was pretty nice. I decided to stop then before it got addictive. I think that could become a very dangerous thing.

The effects of passive smkoign are horendous.

I am all for this proposed smoking ban.