Solas festival

Solas Festival is happening 25th-27th June. and I, somehow, have managed to be a part of the process of making this entire thing happen. (I knew i should have stopped my addiction to turning up at meetings!)
I am quite pleased to be involved withe the Solas festival bods in trying to do something creative and new and quality within Scotland. It is quite weird and affirming to sit as a equal in a room with people you respect and work with, to work together on a project with internationally exhibiting artists, people who’s songs I sing and have taken on, with people who’s books i have read and been influenced by. I was e-mailing a friend yesterday and writing down what my involvement was an i didn’t realise quite how much i was doing . but by the time June comesI won’t remember all the time I volunteered to it.

So what is Solas? Solas is an arts festival wrestling with the issues around the intersection of faith/arts/justice. It is an attempt to look at what is Scottish, and how these themes play out within a Scottish context. Mr Gay writing for the website says it so much better than i can;

“Solas Festival is an independently funded and managed organisation which works in Scotland to promote the celebration and exploration of relationships between faith, art and justice. Its roots lie in the Christian tradition, ecumenically understood, and it seeks to be actively hospitable to a range of faith traditions.
Our dream is that this all-age weekend will light up the Scottish festival landscape with a vivid mix of music, debate, theatre, comedy, film and visual art and will quickly establish itself as a unique location to celebrate and question our commitments to art, faith and justice within Scotland’s cultural life. Come with us on the journey.”

so get involved please help us make this happen.

come along to the weekend, that’s right, buy a ticket there is a heavy discount until the end of February
volunteer, come and help us actually make the weekend happen.
become a saint and help fund this vision either regularly or in a one off basis

As for me I will be the one running about hoping everything will run well.