SolasFestival Fundraising auction 2012

SO how to raise money. Well, the board of directors and volunteer community we are having the SolasFestival Fundraising Auction 2012! with some great things to bid for. My personal favourite has to be getting a brand new vioin composition for written for you. Where else could you contribute to make an Arts festival happen and get yourself a holiday in Galloway, or tickets to see the Hairy Bikers?

buy something in the auction – it could be yours!

Solas Festival is an arts festival I volunteer with. We exist at the sharp of of the Arts, Justice and Faith. We are a small fledgling but beautiful festival full of music, poetry, stuff to make you think, things to do and amazing things to see.

We are a small independent charity which runs and makes the festival happen. We have no big sponsors, we fund ourselves primarily with generous sponsors such as Christian Aid, Iona Community and Greenbelt Festival, a small but wonderful group of people who see what we do, like what we are doing and give money generously, monthly or yearly. (for this we grant them sainthood and call them our Solas Saints.) Other than that it is mostly money from ticket sale which sustains us and pays for the best small festival in Scotland.

This year we have been able to get funding from Creative Scotland. no mean feat given their reduced budgets and the amount of people who apply, while this gives validation of our position as a quality event, and allows for some very nice things on the programme.

You can help us,
buy a ticket – it is a great weekend at the end of June
become a saint – give a monthly or annual amount of money
buy something in the auction – it could be yours!