Strathclyde interview

I recently applied to go on the Post Graduate Certificate in Community Education at Strathclyde University. I got an interview and it went quite well.

We started with the ubiquitous introduction to the course you have applied for. Then we had a group discussion on two prepared pieces of writing. (They did the same pieces of writing the year before, and I had seen it the night before.)

Then we had the wait before the individual interviews.
The wait was a wee bit nervous. I had an hour to wait.

I went to café with a bunch of other applicants, we sat round, some ate some didn’t. I had some soup. The conversation was a bit weird. There was the member of the Socialist Party who has a degree in Philosophy and works in a call centre. The Baptist assistant pastor, the nervous back to study adult middle aged lady and various others.

My interview went well. I managed to name drop former and current students, I managed to speak about some of the issues I currently think about and wonder about and I managed to not say too much. (I think?)

Anyway more details once I hear anything either way.

I have been offered a conditional place on the course. Woo Hoo. I just need to meet the criteria and I am in. excellent!