Tax dodgers yes, but on the plus side ruthless efficiency does have its benefits.


Amazon. They make lots of profits in the uk but don’t pay UK tax. That’s bad.

(Although I think if you are associated/employed by an organisation which takes advantage of the gift aid scheme you can’t really criticise as gift aid is also taking advantage of the tax laws for financial benefit..)

But they are very good on delivery times and price.
I recently lost the wee ear bit on my head phones. Buying online in the uk was around £30. Buying from the company direct was are £35 plus p&p.
Buying from (the US site), the price was $17.50, inc p&p, plus due to the price of item no tax or import duty. Was told it would take around 14-21 days for delivery. The actual delivery time was 4days from the US.

Tax dodgers yes, but ruthlessly efficent.