The 900 club & laconic hegemony best songs of 2012 download – #2012review

welcome to the 900th blog post of this ‘Scott, in brief’ blogs existance. Rather than mark this special occasion, with a a retrospective of some kind, it is marked with a post on the music i have enjoyed over the last year. and at the bottom of the page is a download and link to my mix of the best songs of 2012. Happy new year people!

the long list of the best albums of the 2012 was published here in – schelp blog – albums of the year

The Top three albums of the 2012

Fanfarlo-Rooms-Filled-With-Light Rooms filled with light by fanfarlo.
I like this album. It just hits the right space for me. Indie rock sound, great hair cuts, cool videos, What is not to like? I liked reservoir, and i liked this possibly slightly more. Good work fanfarlo.

1317014477_mutemath-odd-soul-20111 Odd Soul by Mutemath
Great album, full of a modern take of historic blues and sounds of their native New Orleans. This album was released in late 2011 and its lead single, Odd Soul made my best songs of 2011. What an album it leads us too. The band’s main guitarist left before the recording of this album, this seems to have affected the band by allowing them to move more from the straight four piece rock sound of earlier albums and come up with something just off the beaten rock band path. Making music which is distincitve and sounds new while echoing rock, blues and soul, the music we and they grew up with.

And the Blood Pressure video is awesome, a real favourite with my children!

HeyOcean_Final_CBP691 Is by Hey Ocean!

I fell for this pop record in a big way, it is catchy Canadian Pop which gets you in the way only good pop can. It can be intimate when it needs. It can do the big pop dance number. Lyrically, the full boy loves girl raison d’etre of pop music is marked with aplomb. What I like about it is this album seems to have captured the sound of a band excited about making great music together.
I just love it. It makes me smile.

It is a great record from 2012.

I first heard this album as a live concert podcast from CBCradio3. where they hosted a live album launch concert for broadcast. I recently found the entire thing was also filmed live and put on youtube, meaning you can watch the concert as live and hear the entire album. The first song is here.

‘I Am a Heart’ by Hey Ocean!

The Best songs of the 2012
I have selected my 12 for 2012, well it turned into 19 for 2012, so it is entitled 12for2012 (bonus edition). the track listing is to follow, but suffice to say it is awesome and if you download it, all your wildest dreams will come true. (Vote for pedro.)

You can download it by ::[[clicking here]]:: (click on the blue download button)

or listen using this embedded box of music! (don’t panic, it has a silent start)