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Andrew Collins is always the first blog reviewer of the apprentice which i turn to after each episode. read him here

The apprentice season 3 is on the BBC. and the pre-series publicity contained a quote from Sir Alan which went something along the lines of “the candidates are getting better. we have been done this twice before and the selection process is providing a higher level of people on the program.”

They are not.
If they were we would all stop watching.

For me the joy of watching the apprentice is watching people who are area sales managers, or a risk manager trying to sell modern art or like last night trying to put a brand new food menu into two pubs which normally don’t serve food.

It was a farce.
The girls spent little and had a shoddy evening cobbled together around a bollywood theme.
Their team is called alpha. Frankly i thought Alpha males were bad in these metrosexual days, so the prospect of 8 alpha females running the food in a pub is scary. no wonder the dancer started to strip instead of dancing.

The boys were incompetent. couldn’t cook, could cost, couldn’t budget. (Hint to all future contestants: It is all about the money. do the sums and you will survive.) `had no management. it was a mess.

The outcome was correct adn the right person (team leader Ian) was fired. although I don’t see Kevin Shaw (24, Bank manager, 11 GCSE’s, 2 ALevels, Food Hygene qualification) lasting long. (I am better qualified than Him for the apprentice) If only because he does look like the guy from little britain and has an annoying accent.
Although mention has to go to Jenny Celerier whos accent is both fantastic and horrible

Anyway my favourite is Lucinda Ledgerwood for three reasons.
1- she wears just fabulously out of place clothing for the group shots.
2- she appears to try and be funny when with the girls and they all just seem to take offense at the fact she exists let along talks, and jump on her from a great height.
3- she kind looks like the nasty one from the last series and i keep on thinking at any moment she is gonna turn nasty and do real damage to someone.

next week then

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