The Olympic handover. 8 minutes of randomness

***I was at greenbelt so missed the 8 minutes of glorious randomness which londons Olympic 2012 team put together. So here in real time are my thoughts as i watched it on youtube.****

Why does Boris not do his suit jacket up?

Why does Boris salute the Beijing major? he did it twice.

kinda cool and kinda weird cartoon bit.

what is this all about?
the bus
hiphop dancers.
the violin music?

slow motion bus entry? that was kinda cool I liked that.

Random road crossing and lollipop lady
Why is the wee girl with the football walking on people to get back to the bus?
I love that opening top bus that rocks

who’s she? is she a random singer or a popular one?
Why is Jimmy Page on a pink raised platform. Oh sorry, the colour changes not always pink.

Is that girl in a ten foot pole going up and down? kinda like a warbling geyser.
Whats’ her name again – the song about bleeding – Leona Lewis thats it.

not exactly a quality version of whole lot of love is it?

beckham, a girl with a ball, a violinist wearing hot pants and a guy playing chello in a skin tight body suit, raising to the sky. That’s random.

Beckham just kicked the ball, that’s exciting! the guy who caught it seems really quite happy about that doesn’t he! Although was he fighting a steward to get it?

The umbrella’s round the bus have cool light effects. Loving the clampet style umbrella thing that was good.

I guess it has set the bar for the actual Olympics themselves in London,  some good, some bizarre, some to ask why?