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The PROJECT (Scotland) is a Scottish festival of arts, culture and faith.

Initially inspired by the Greenbelt Festival, the PROJECT aims to provide a culturally incarnate event in Scotland which possesses the same qualities of adventurous, creative and relevant contemporary exploration.

In 2009-10 we will be organising a series of ‘interim’ events to bring people together. These will primarily aim to gather like minds, enable meeting each other in the flesh and begin to build a dynamic community in order to work towards a larger event. In these, we’ll be able to discern folk’s talents, to give a taste of what might appear in a larger festival event and to discern the shape and timing – and the admirable wisdom/ or glorious foolhardiness! – of any such subsequent festival event in 2011.

We’re interested in finding out more about the interests and skills interested folk have, in order to help us plan events and to begin to create participation.

So if you wouldn’t mind taking about 5 minutes to complete this questionnaire, we’d be most grateful.

if you have 5 minutes and are interested, click this link