The World Cup

I have given up the world cup for a week.

since Monday I haven’t watched or listened to a game at all.
my wife on Monday told me she thought I was spending too much time watching the football.
My argument was I don’t have pay TV and don’t watch Live football very often on the TV. For one month every four years I do like to try and see every game I can.
She pointed out that I do listen to a lot of football on the radio and my football manage habit is slightly annoying to her.

So I thought about it and quit.

Until Monday no football.

I am actually quite enjoying it. I am allowed to take part in a score prediction league and my fantasy team still gets point but I am not actually watching or knowing the results of the games.

As a result I have started listening to Classic FM and Radio three as these stations seem reasonably oblivious about football to the point of willfully ignoring it.

anyway Wimbeldon starts on Monday!!!