Third Sunday Promo

Just if you are free this sunday and interested.

(the theme is Were you there? (when they crucified My lord?)
I am not sure I have actually pulled that out enough.
The Jesus picture comes from a set of the stations of the cross I downloaded from Jon Birch. He was giving the whole collection away for use as the user saw fit.I as an image it conveys quite alot of sadness and pain in a very simple way.

The text is all different colours except of the Were you there line.

The Oh! is so large baecuase it seeemed to define the space well and draw emphasis to the tremble line, thereby rooting the thoughts about the questions in the songwriters response.

I really like the third sunday block and the font used for the tagline.

i just think it is quite clears and easy to see what we are doing and when.

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