Yesterday was good.

i got everything done I wanted to do which was nice. I managed to re associate my links page with it’s .css file so it looks normal. I am not sure about the dark green though.

anyway. So I am looking forward to today with the attitude of a relaxed man. this has to be a good thing.

I header from rich yesterday. I might see if he is free on thursday night or next monday (during the day) to meet up.

I am away this weekend at SU camp. should be fun. I got my disclosure for camp through this morning. thats a relief as we sleep in dorms with the young people at camp so. yeah releif.

I am kinda worried about how SU will go today. It is my first time doing the club and it could easily go pear-shaped! But where I make the biggest mess by my weakness God is there working so, mess on I will.

The M8 in glasgow is chock a block so I need to go a different way to work. Bummer. All because someone crashed 2and a half hours ago. nasty.

must go

work calls me.