[(above) picture of the Tsunami waters retreating form hitting Sri Lanka at Kalutara]

The recent Tsumani brought home just how volatile our world is. I guess In amungst the loss and the grief comes compassion, hurt and a desiring after “God”. I wonder about how this can happen. the injustice is thatpeople die that shouldn’t not due to natural diasters but greed. The americans have a system which is based in Hawaii to protect it’s pacific rim from the same thing happening. The price of this “knowledge” is too expensive for other countrys like the ones affected to afford to buy the technology. Greed brings with it death and evil. (The Love Of Money is the root of all evil).

If we can have make enough food to feed everyone in the world why do people starve to death.

If we have the technology to moniter the water level and alert people when tsunami’s are approaching in all the world, who do people die from tsunami’s

There is a framework of reference by Stutzman. His theory is that the world lives in a humpd backed bridge type of shape. A minority of the poor at one end, a minority of the very famous and rich at the otherside. the rest of us are in the middle. The argue ment gues that Jesus in the world causes our attention and focus to be on the minority of the poor. The rest of the world wants to divert our priorities to the minority of the super rich and famous.

Perhaps if we took proper attention of the minority of the poor and gave them half the money, fame, coverage that we give the famous minority then things like this will be minimised.

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