white noise 18

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life.

Last week/this week:
last week had a good tme
I enjoyed being in easterhouse on Monday and Tuesday.
I enjoyed doing Locsu and had fun with it.
I had a good day working on Wednesday rounded off by a fun and excellent meeting on Wednesday in Edinburgh. The Project looks like it will be quality
On Thursday I did the shoppers service. This time I told some stories and asked some questions. (no heretic calling this time!)
on friday i tried unsuccessfully to do work while Jacob was at home!
today I am doing some stuff on a sermon for tomorrow (target 10-15 minutes), and website stuff for the project!

tomorrow i preach then we are off to hear Eddi Reader in Glasgow.

Monday i am off work, although The trip to see Graham Cray at the General Assembly is tempting.
Tuesday I am at work all day
Wednesday we have a Divisional Youth Advisory Meeting,
Thursday I a working, and in school doing a Youth Info point for the Baillieston, Shettleston, and Greater Easterhouse Youth Network
Friday we are in school at easterhouse!
next Saturday I have a youth work training day with the salvation army, and nigh out with some people for uni. so quite busy then!

Main Idea In Your Hand
i had one but i cannot rememeber it.
sorry about that!

Best laid plans:
Booking up every weekend between now and july.
that was a good plan!

I don’t wanna:
Pay £130 for a new battery for my laptop!

A collection of Literature:
not much reading this week. still on zizek though.

mainly over the rhine and steve earle this week

also a great live concert recording of Nelly McKay from 2008. she sounds wonderful, makes me laugh, smile, and sing. she is great.

5 words to describe how i am feeling:
nervous, calm, filled, workin’, curious