White Noise 5

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life.

Last week/this week:
Last week
I got birthday presents from my parents, 3 dvd’s i had been looking for. I booked my travel for the staff conference, I worked from Home, got the car serviced, attended the first Steering group meeting for The Project, spent time at home with Jacob, spoke a little to Sarah. generally a packed and busy week. Sadly this week we had to cancel some clubs as our heating couldn’t cope with the cold temperatures. not good.
next week
tomorrow i head to London (dependent on weather!) to see the Byzantine exhibition at the royal academy of Arts I am staying in a discounted hotel room on Sunday evening, and on Monday catching the train to derby, (weather permitting). Then heading to the FORGE conference hosted by Alove
back on Wednesday evening, working Thursday and Friday then off Saturday then working at Third Sunday on Sunday. Then another week begins!

Main Idea In Your Hand
How does the typeface we use shape our understanding of what it is we are reading/buying/advertising.
(I watched the film Helvetica which i got for my birthday – Yes a documentary film about a Typeface. On of the key things it outlines is how one Typeface can be so dominant and yet be interpreted in so many different ways. The back story is fascinating the socio/political/historical context of its development is very intresting. I really enjoyed the film. I may have to go back and re watch it a couple of times!)

Best laid plans:
The car needed a service, well the in car computer had put the service light on. I thought there was something about the next service being at 60,000 miles but we hadn’t reached that mythical figure yet.
I booked it in, arranged to work from home, and on Thursday morning took it to the garage. I took the bus home. The bus didn’t go all the way to our town stopping at the town in between our town and the garage. I walked though the snow and waited for the next bus.
Before it could come the garage called. I was right about the next service being at 60k miles. They had carried out a 30 point visual inspection, reset the service light and I could have it back. straight away. So i headed back got the car and was home before 10am. (Praise for the customer service at Verve Wishaw. Quick, efficient and a quality service. well done indeed. it is a good dealership experience.)

This plan worked very well and i really enjoyed working and keeping the log fire going in the living room. It was a great plan.

I don’t wanna:
go to the staff training thing. this will be my first work staff conference thing since i started working there. It could be fun but also could be terrible. I might get snowed in London and not be able to make it!

A collection of Literature:
i am catching up on my bible reading, (i am in late January) I will finish the Volf this week and will start something else next week. I am actually quite excited about picking the book i will read next!

I have been listening to
Iain Archer – To the pine roots,
Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

Kevin Max – The Blood

5 words to describe how i am feeling:
excited, nervous, sad, troubled, calm