Windy. Yip

We went down to my wife’s Parent’s house this afternoon. they live by the coast and it’s always nice to go there and walk by the sea.

the seas is a srange beast, randomly calm, whipped up, rough, choppy, low, high. it is predictable in the same way as the stock market.

anyway today we walked. my wife’s parents, us and Jacob in the pram.I was pushing Jacob. it was kinda windy. as we got close to the beach the stronger the wind became.
we walked to the promenade at the top of the beach and the wind was cutting. it was v.cold dispite the warm sunshine which was about.

As we alked the wind started to pick up wsand from the beach and shove it in our faces. the wind was biting and the sand was having the same effect as medium sand paper alover our faces.

Jacob was asleep in the pram and as such untroubled. unfortunately to add to the problem. The parm was being blown about by the wind.

At times I closed my eyes and walked. hoping not to bump into anything.
other times i walked peering through scrunched up eyes.
other times i was suddenly walking at 90 degree angles to the direction i wanted due to the pram being blown off course.

As we left the beach front and headed to town, the wind died a bit and the warmth returned. the sunshine did it’s job. but i felt like i had been battered and beaten by the wind.

I haven’t been to gym since Jacob was born.
I guess I’ll be going this week then!