Youth Council

Tomorrow I go to the West Scotland DIvision’s Youth Council. It is being heald in The RSAMD in Glasgow. I am looking forward to seeing the venue. It should be abit posh. I have no idea what to expect. I suppose I expect a multimedia christian kneesup style event. soul survivor/spring harvest style worhsip music and songs, perhaps a game or two. Bible teaching, perhaps some video clips, over enthousiastic hosts, possibly even some small group work or interaction based on somthing done by the alternative church movement.

I do expect it to be very literate(based on reading-writing, concentration on the visual and audio stimulia and a very front led event.

These though are my preconceived events and as such are things I am kinda expecting. It could be that the reality is totally beyond where my thoughts are in which case i will be very pleasantly surprised and impressed.

I do fear for the former though so I will pack some polo’s, post it notes and my book.

just in case you understand